Welcome to our Parish


Bishop Coyne wants your help in planning the Diocese of Burlington's 2018 Synod. We want you to be part of the conversation as we seek to discern God's will for the Church in Vermont.

On November 30, from 6-8 pm, a parish listening session will be held in St. Michaels Catholic Church. You are invited to share your views on one of the following three questions.

  1. As the Catholic Church in Vermont, what are we doing well?
  1. What are we doing that we should be doing better?
  1. What are we not doing that we should be doing?

Saturday Vigil: 4PM       
Sunday: 8AM &10:30AM
Tuesday: 5:15PM
Wednesday: 8:45AM
Thursday, & Friday: 7:30AM

Saturday: 2:45-3:30PM 
and by appointment

Tuesdays at 5:15PM
Wednesdays at 8:15AM
Thursdays, & Fridays at 7AM

9:15AM - 5:00PM
Thursdays & Fridays
8AM - 5PM
in the side chapel


This Week's Mass

We are located at 47 Walnut Street Brattleboro, VT