Cemetery Committee
The Cemetery Committee meets twice a year.  The Committee is responsible for setting guidelines and overseeing the Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery.

Finance Council
Council is appointed to assist the Pastor in the development and stewardship of the Parish's financial resources so that the Parish may effectively pursue its Mission.  The Council meets 4 times a year.  Sue Sherlock serves as Chairperson of this Committee. 

Liturgy Committee
The Committee meets nine times annually to plan and oversee the liturgy and Church environment for Sundays and special occasions such as Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.  Members of the Committee spend extra time decorating the Church for the major liturgical events and seasons. 

Parish Council
The Parish Council serves as an advisory body to the Pastor for the life and mission of the Church.  Areas addressed are education, evangelization, liturgy, maintenance, pastoral care, outreach planning.  The Council meets eights times a year in the Parish Center.  

Social Commitee
The Social Committee meets four times a year to plan social events happening at the Church.  Events include the St. Patrick's Day Dinner and the Parish Picnic.