Saint Michael roman catholic church


  Sixth Sunday of Easter      ____    _______________  April 30th & May 1st 2016                                 Saturday April 30th through Sunday May 8th 

SATURDAY:                   4PM — Audrey Renaud Hill (20th Anniversary)

SUNDAY:                        8AM — Anna Ramano

                                   10:30AM — The Parishioners of St. Michael

MONDAY:                8:45 AM — For the Intentions of Jenna Rae

TUESDAY:                7:30AM — NO MASS

WEDNESDAY:         8:45AM — Philip McCallum

THURSDAY:             8:45AM — Fr. John Scully, SSE

(Holy Day of Obligation)         6PM — For the Holy Souls in Purgatory

FRIDAY:                   7:30 AM — James & Corinne Baker          

SATURDAY:                   4PM — Ann H. Cummings

SUNDAY:                        8AM — Thomas P. Duggan

                                   10:30AM — Ruth Marine & The Parishioners of St. Michael            

Sanctuary Candle lit in Memory of Herb Donahue (1st Anniversary)

Blessed Virgin Mary Votive Candle is lit this week in Memory of Conchita P. Cabiluna

St. Joseph Votive Candle is lit this week in Memory of Margaret G. Whitman


Daily Mass Schedule