Saint Michael roman catholic church


   Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time______________  _______  September 24th & 25th, 2016                                 Saturday, September 24th through Sunday, October 2nd

SATURDAY:            4PM — Normand Chassé – int. Grace Head

SUNDAY:                 8AM — Krista Murdough – int. Nancy Kaeppel

                            10:30AM — William S. Holbrook – int. Joanne Holbrook

MONDAY:               NO MASS

TUESDAY:          5:15PM — Peace Throughout the World – int. Millie Dupell

WEDNESDAY:   8:45AM — Henry Hagemann – int. Anna Marie Turco

THURSDAY:      7:30AM — Leonard & Genny Roach – int. Ron & Monica Scherman

FRIDAY:             7:30AM — Richard Fitzgerald – int. Tim & Martha O’Connor

SATURDAY:            4PM — Robert, Mary & Thomas Parmenter – int. Nancy Kaeppel

SUNDAY:                 8AM — Lucille Motta – int. Michael Motta

                            10:30AM — Peter P. Shaw – int. Beverly Shaw

Sanctuary Candle is lit this week In Loving Memory of Frank & Ethel Bartis

Blessed Virgin Mary Candle is lit this week In Loving Memory of Mary Rose (5 year anniversary)

St. Joseph Candle is lit this week In Loving Memory of Richard & Catherine Morton

Angel Candles are lit this week For Tina and Jeff Bender



Daily Mass Schedule