Saint Michael roman catholic church


Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time__________   _______  ___August 20th & 21st, 2016                                 Saturday, August 20th through Sunday, August 28th

SATURDAY:            4PM — Maynard & Cecilia Trombley by Christine Sprague

SUNDAY:                 8AM — Shirley Nokes & Jacob Valiante by Barbara Nokes

                            10:30AM — Frank Timney by the Wright Family

MONDAY:                 NO MASS

TUESDAY:          5:15PM — For the Intentions of Fr. John Scully, SSE

WEDNESDAY:   8:45AM — For the Intentions of Sandi Gauthier

THURSDAY:      7:30AM — Peter Sullivan by Mike Sullivan

FRIDAY:             7:30AM — Florence Sullivan by Mike Sullivan

SATURDAY:            4PM — Bertie Sprague, Sr.

SUNDAY:                 8AM — Ulric & Anna Corbeil & George LaFountain Families by Mike Corbeil

                            10:30AM — Mae Pettengill by Joan Seymour

Sanctuary Candle is lit this week for Peace Throughout the World

Blessed Virgin Mary Candle is lit this week In Loving Memory of Florence Sullivan

St. Joseph Candle is lit this week for the Intentions of Fr. John Scully, SSE



Daily Mass Schedule